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While you may associate bruising as the end-result of a physical injury, scientifically speaking, bruising is actually the result of broken blood vessels that are visible under your skin. As you get older, these blood vessels, called capillaries, can weaken and become more fragile over time, increasing your susceptibility to bruising.

Decreased collagen production as we get older plays an integral role in the heightened chance of bruising. Collagen helps strengthen connective tissue and plays a vital role in maintaining capillary wall strength. As your internal production of collagen continues to decrease, lower levels of collagen not only leads to more bruising, but can be seen elsewhere, possibly causing your skin to sag, loosen, and wrinkle.

These are the factors that contribute to decreased collagen production and bruising

  • Sun or UV damage damages your
    skin cells, increasing the time
    it takes for your skin to heal

  • Blood thinners reduces your body’s ability to clot and heal damaged blood vessels

  • Aging often comes with built up cell damage, leading skin thinning and decreased collagen

  • Free radical damage damages the cells throughout your body, accelerating aging and
    diminishing the ability
    to heal.

Senile Purpura

It may surprise you to learn that senile purpura affects over 10% of population over the age of 50, and it is equally common in men and women.

Senile Purpura is characterized by irregularly-shaped macules, up to 2 inches in diameter, that are usually dark purple in color with well-defined margins. They can take up to three weeks to resolve. The lesions typically occur on skin that is thin, inelastic and pigmented in association with signs of skin ageing and sun damage, and are usually distributed on forearms and the back of hands. Infrequently, they can also occur on necks and faces.

All it can take to develop a senile purpura like bruise can be a small bump to the skin. Previously inconsequential activities, can now lead to unsightly bruising due to the damages accumulated over aging. With factors like sun damage, blood thinner usage, and decreased collagen production leading to dermal tissues becoming thin and increased fragility of vital blood vessels.

Even with negligible “trauma”, superficial blood vessels can tear and rupture, leading to blood flooding the bumped area, quickly leading to the development of dark purple lesions.

How Purpurex Can
Work For You?

Purpurex contains a highly synergistic and patented blend of herbal ingredients that are sourced and manufactured according to the highest quality standards. In a clinical study, our blend was shown to significantly reduce the appearance of bruising within 6 weeks.

Citrus Bioflavonoids: Bioflavonoids were first discovered in 1936 by Nobel-prize winning scientist and vitamin C research pioneer Albert Szent-Gyorgi, who originally named the group of compounds "vitamin P." 3 Since then, thousands of flavonoids have been identified and classified according to chemical structure. Bioflavonoids have strong antioxidant properties and appear to act synergistically with vitamin C to neutralize free radicals.

Rutin: Rutin is also a bioflavonoid, that can be found in certain vegetables and fruits. Apples are full of rutin. Buckwheat, most citrus, figs, and both black and green tea also contains rutin. Rutin has powerful antioxidant properties.

Ascorbic Acid (a.k.a vitamin C): Well known and loved, Ascorbic acid is a potent antioxidant that plays a crucial role in the human body. Vitamin C not only serves to support the immune system, but also serves to block free radical damage, and is critical in the formation of collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body. Collagen is what gives skin its bounce and is one of the main resources that the body uses in the healing process.

Hesperidin: Hesperidin is a glycoside found in orange peels that is closely related to hesperitin, a flavonoid that has been studied extensively for its effects on the body.

Eriocitrin: Eriocitrin is the main flavonoid in lemon fruit and of all the bioactive molecules of lemon, eriocitrin is believed to have the most antioxidant activity.

Arnica Montana: Arnica Montana is one of the most beneficial herbal medicines in nature's pharmacopeia. It’s believed to be one of the best natural remedies available when dealing with bruises.

Participants who took Purpurex daily saw a 50% reduction in the number of Purpura from Baseline

Clinically Studied,
All-Natural, and

Purpurex is the ONLY nutritional supplement that has been clinically studied for its effects on Purpura-associated bruising. It contains 6 powerful all natural ingredients that are safe, non-toxic, and great for your skin.

But don’t take our word for it, for your peace of mind and assurance in the power of Purpurex, we’ve taken the liberty of including the clinical study supporting Purpurex right here.

In an independent clinical study with 70 starting patients, the participants that took Purpurex daily displayed an average reduction of 50% in bruising. We think it’s amazing that the entire arm of 35 patients on Purpurex continued to take our supplement until the very end of the trial, because they saw and felt the benefits week after week. On the other hand, some of the patients on the placebo arm dropped out because they didn’t feel the benefit they thought they would receive.

If you’re looking for an all-natural, scientifically researched supplement to help with the bruising you may have from Solar Purpura, Purpurex is the solution for you.

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